Sunday, 20 September 2009

Just about ready for the off

Morning all todays Jacks Christening and everybodies flitting about like i don't know what just popped on with this photo i took when he was getting ready will be major panic stations shortly it's the great north run and our estates blocked off might have to get a metro yet right best be off hope you's have a great day
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  1. Lovely photo Anne,How he has grown.
    Keaton Is getting Christened in 3 weeks, Its all go at the moment just finished the invites

  2. Anne , he looks so handsom in this beautiful outfit.. what a little treasure.
    Have fun and I want to see more pics later xx

  3. Doesn't he look dapper. Hope you have a great day
    Love, Pat xx

  4. Aww Anne he looks adorable! so angelic, oh bless
    hope your well? and hope it all went well???
    been bit hectic here, so trying to catch up on all the posts!!!
    take care hun

  5. he looks adorable. hope all went well. hugs Rachxx


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