Monday, 21 September 2009

The Christening favours boxes

Morning all i did manage to get a photo of some of the favour boxes when i was putting them together just went for a simple box printed the pattern onto card before cutting them out on robo the temp;ate for the box is one of Ruthans from uk scrappers just resized it so i could get 2 to 1 sheet the pattern is from Sharon Duncans Baby layette cd just added a silver christening peel off on the top of the boxes.

Von the christening photos what i did manage to get are on the internal memory of the camera need to find the lead before uploading thought i was organised charged both sets of batteries emptied the memory card took the camera out at the church to find i'd left the memory card in the printer Doh going to have to rely on getting some photos from other members of the family as the camera only holds 10 It was a great day the sun was out and he had an excellent turn out got to take son to doctors so will have to pop back later when i find the lead
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  1. Anne what are you like , lol

    I came running to see, ok my fingers did, lol
    These are just so lovely and the colours are just perfect for the invites .. I bet the guests loved there invites and the favour boxes.. now get some photo's sorted NOW , lol

  2. Whoah Anne! these must have taken absolutely ages! theres tons of em!
    they look brill tho!
    well done

  3. they look lovely Anne, Your poor Robo must be worn out, at least you cant say you never used it

  4. What a lot of boxes!!!! Hope you had a good day.
    Pat xx


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