Friday, 20 August 2010

Thankyou Jacqui

Hi all just popped on to say a huge big thanks to Jacqui i was lucky enough to win her mini candy the other day with an added bonus of this one of her Beautiful cards "thankyou Jacqui i love it"

so sorry i've not been around much i'm on Nanna duty (babysitting) manage to sneak on the pc for a bit but when Jack realises i'm missing in he toddles hand outstretched to lead me back in to play with his cars & watch the cartoons with him fireman sam & looney tune babies so glad he's not into spongebob.
Thanks for stopping by


  1. Whats wrong with sponge bob Anne?
    Our Keaton loves Micky mouse, always has from a few months old, he stops to watch club house

  2. Gorgeous! I love pin & your card is so soft & pretty.

  3. Congrats on the win Anne. It's a lovely card isn't it? Hope you are having fun with Jack and hope you'll soon get some crafting time.

  4. This card is stunning Anne.

    And there is also a blog award on my blog for you. Just get it when you are ready. x

  5. Hola Anne,
    I hope that your doing fine. Congrats on your mini winnings. I see that your busy with Master Jack. That is so funny, hearing talk about your Grandma duties. I see myself, also. I am getting ready to see my little ones. Master Jack is grown so quickly, bless him. Well, take card and thanks for sharing. Hugs, Mima

  6. I love this card so much! And what a gorgeous image!! :-)

    Have left you a little gift on my blog hun.xx

  7. Sooo cute thanks for sharing!!!

  8. he he I was in there ages gots lots of goodies and saw Barley Sugars being made, what a great place it is. I also bought a book to teach myself geordie


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