Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Whoops sorry i'm late well it's Wednesday & time for WOYWW don't know what it is then pop over to Julia's blog & see Sorry nothing crafty going on at the minute having to have a bit of a sort got a DT card to make before tomorrow & need to find certain colours.
Can actually see my cricut now the pile of papers have vacated to the top of the drawers under the table might get to use it now.

& just for Kate a bit of floor no broken biscuits it still needs mopping though any volunteers baskets sorted in drawers til Grandson gets back in.

Confiscated this shelving off my son just the right width so it doesn't catch the door can't use the lower shelves at the minute Jack thinks whatever he can reach is his notice the masking tape on the drawers i've had to move up a shelf cos he discovered he could open them the monkey was my Dads a gift from his Sister me Mam give me it when he passed away.

well i'm off to start pulling my cupboard out knowing my luck the cardstock will be in the last place i look Shhhh hope my Son doesn't see this he'll spot where i've hid my Double choca mocha

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  1. Oh Anne, every thing is sooo tidy!! I do like your stacking boxes, a def, must have I think. I'm really tempted to hide your green cuttlebug I'm sure it would love to see another part of your tidyness...HOW ABOUT NEXT TO THOSE GREEN DRAWS!!!! Ooops sorry Caps lock got suck on!) Cute monkey too!

  2. You have some great storage areas. Clear storage in your cabinet is great for easy viewing, too. And of course, all that PINK on your desk. What color. Happy WOYWW and a very neat workspace today.

  3. You've got lots of places to look for your cardstock, that's for sure! Fabby craft space.

  4. Hi
    oh lovely work space pics, luv all the bright colours of oxes n drawers, great storage, have good day, sue,x

  5. Thanks for the snoop.. enjoyed your space as it is interesting with plenty of prospects for creativity even though it is so well organised. I'm NOT!

  6. interesting, very interesting, love to nose at your crafting stuff, how do we ever find anything

  7. Hola Anne,
    Love your work space, its really well organize.
    I am not good at organizing whats-so ever. I keep everything in its original packaging. I hope to make my work space more presentable, but I am always creating and never bother to be a neater worker. Thanks for sharing your work space. I am sure that it will motivate me to change my ways. LOL Have a good day.
    TFS, Mima

  8. ooh it all looks very organised and just waiting to be used! Good luck on the card hunt...yep, it'llbe in the last place you look for sure, and you'll probably be on your second look as well! I can't see the Double Choca, so you may be safe!

  9. Loving your pink & green workspace... very funky :)

  10. Lovely organised space there - good luck on the paper hunt!


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