Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Dunno if i'm doing this right got Von to blame for this saying she's been showing hers off so thought i'd have a bash.
it's Wednesday that means it's WOYWW it's in some sort of order only cos i haven't done nowt the past few days
Thanks for stopping by


  1. YAY , you ahve done it ... good on ya one thing , come on it's never that tidy , lol
    Love the pink boxes fab way to keep things in order ... what will it look like this time next week !

  2. Hola Anne,
    Wow, How neat and well keep. I am not at all neat. My work space is like my mind, packed but I still now where everything is. LOL I think my new year resolution will be to get my work space more organzined. If I can find enough space for all the stuff I have.
    TFS, Mima

  3. lovely Anne love all the pink

  4. Wow what a lovely tidy space hun, wish mine looked this tidy, ot did you just tidy up for the piccie
    Hugs Jacqui x

  5. Very impressed Anne, how very organised. Are you sure pink is not your favourite colour?


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