Thursday, 10 September 2009

All done

Hi all hope everyones well it's took some doing but finally finished Jack's invitations respect goes to those who mainly deal with invitations drives me mad after a while having to do anything repetitive.

I would of been finished earlier if the Priest hadn't double booked so had to change the times, a couple of strips of card with a line embossed attached and you can't see where i had to cover the original text sheet. Just 180 boxes to do now any volunteers lol

just finished cutting my new cute companions Winter Tale stamps out there fab going to have a quick butchers at the cd then see if i can get a card done for the Sugar bowl challenge that's if i can clear some space to do some stamping then hopefully get a bit of blog hopping done see what i've been missing .
Thanks for stopping by


  1. Oh Anne these are simply stunning hun. well worth the hard work you have put into them .. I bet she is so proud of you ...

  2. Hola Anne,
    My blessing to Master Jack on his special occasion. He looks so cute on the cover of your Christening invitation cards. I love the edging, and how you got the ribbon to be the tie up of the card. Very striking combination. I am sorry that it became a mission, but it so lovely its worth the trouble. I am sure that this will be something that Master Jack and his parents will treasure for life. TFS, Mima

  3. Wow Anne what a labour of love this has been for you but they are stunning dear love them, enjoy your cutes sweetie, btw did you get the stamp
    Hugs Jacqui x

  4. They are so beautiful. Lovely design and the use of the edge punch (hearts) from Martha Stewart is great!

    Greetings from Anne (Norway)

  5. tis is an adorable invitation, so sweet. hugs rach xx

  6. These inviltes are stunning Anne, And i know how you feel about making the same card over and over again.
    I did not get much notice for mine so did them nice and simple on the Pc


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