Thursday, 6 August 2009

Work in progress

Hi all sorry for being a bit hitty missy with posts lately have quite a bit on at the moment supposed to be making a card with David Hasselhoff on for tomorrow cor i needed a break think i'll be on an all nighter been trawling through the images on google found a couple of candidates have you seen how many there is think i'll be seeing his face for the next 6 month lol.

Jacks getting Christened next month so have the Invitations and favour boxes to do thank god for Robo saying that have the Bags Tags Boxes and more cartridge for the Cricut so will have to have a gander at that.

Have come up with this idea for the Invitation Donna's not in yet so don't know what she thinks (fussy like her Mother) hence no decor at the minute just threw it together on the spur of the moment once i know what she wants can get all the components together and get them done so thought i'd give you a sneak preview of what i've done so far will post the finished invitation at a later date
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  1. Hola Anne,
    I love what you've come up with. I am very interested in see your outcome being that so far you've done and lovely job. Well, my blessing to Master Jack and see that he's growing quickly, and cute as a button. I am sure that he's your pride and joy, as well Master Cullen. TFS, Mima

  2. Anne its gorgeous! cant believe how big he's got already! wow! loving the card... how many to go now? ;-)
    take care mate

  3. Oh wow hun you are going to be busy I love this card what a simply stunning Christening card it is
    Have a lovely weekend dear
    Hugs Jacqui x

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments Donna loved it so it's 78 invitations and 177 favour boxes Hope you are all well.
    Anne xx

  5. Anne this is stunning, no wonder Donna loved it.
    Bless you will be a busy bee for a wee while. Just love the cute pic you have used for him. And , he gets Christened on my Brothers B'day. Got to be a good day.

  6. My Anne you're gonna be sooooooooo busy. Lovely picture of Jack and lovely design.
    Love Pat xx


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