Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Why did this day have to start

Wish i could take this day away got up this morning to a phone call off my brother his first words were Anne help, he'd been at the hospital all night with my nephew his oldest son Daniel he passed away in the early hours he was only 18 still unsure whats happened there waiting for the coroner. i'm dreading going over our kids gonna be in bits i am just thinking of him i'm in a state of shock it's the last thing i wanted to hear when i picked the phone up


  1. Anne, what a start to any day. I am thinking of you and your family, and of cause your brother and wife. they must be devestated as so are you.
    Take care of yourself and your family.
    18 no age at all is it?

  2. OMG, Anne! I am so sorry about your nephew. I will pray for you and the rest of your family, may God give you all the strenght to endure this tragety. I feel your pain and there's not much I can say to heal your wounds, just prayer is the only thing that I can offer you all. God is good and he will make something good out of all this pain and suffering. I hope that you can confort your brother in his time of need. Bless to you all, from the bottom of my heart. Mima

  3. Oh Anne I am so sorry to hear your sad new and I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. I had popped by to say I had left you an award at my place but of course that's the last thing you'll want to be bothered with. It'll be there when you want it.
    Take care & Love to you all
    Pat xx

  4. Hi Anne, So sorry to hear the sad news i will keep you and your family in my thoughts.BIG HUGS
    Look after yourself.
    Love Tina xx

  5. Oh Anne, mate, i dont know what to say, sending love and hugs your way though and to let you know that im thinking of you all at this very sad time. Its awful, i am so sorry for you all.
    Take care
    Love to you all

  6. Thankyou we're all in a state of limbo at the minute just don't understand whats happened or why just a silly prank that went wrong he was such a carefree kid had a smile for anyone he'll be a miss to all that knew him


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