Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Von i finally got round to it

Well Von i did it it took me best part of a day and me poor thumb feels as though its been put through a shredder but finally got all the stamps cut out i needed too so now just got to stamp them all to put in folder probably be covered in ink for the next 6 month.


  1. Abou time too,lol Poor fairys was wondering what you been upto ,lol.
    Oh stamping , got well intot hat .. help i will be buying ink instead of glitter at this rate ,lol

  2. No Babes, You just have to use them ALL, ROFL

  3. ... and dont you feel chuffed now youve done it?
    your not the only one! ive been on a major stamp cuttingathon too!
    well done! now you just gotta do some stuff with em to show us!

  4. Hola Anne,
    You've been quite a busy girl, huh! But, isn't it nice when you accomplice these, I wish I didn't have do goals, LOL Now, you can enjoy creating...
    GB, Mima~


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