Monday, 23 March 2009

our Jack 8 weeks already

Hi my youngest Grandson Jack is 8 weeks old today the days are going so fast so thought i'd add some updated photos these are a few of my favourites have loads now trying to get one of him smiling i'm sure he knows what the camera is as he either turns his head or gives a look as if to say oh no not again he seems to be able to strike a pose though. we get our smiles and giggles now he does get a touch of colic same time every night but once thats dealt with he has his last bottle and is down for the night.


  1. Oh wow Anne, look at the size of him now! hes grown so much. Cant believe its been 8 weeks already!
    hes still gorgeous tho!
    thanks for sharing photos of him.

  2. Anne, he's gorgeous. He's like Ethan, looks more like a little boy than a baby.

  3. Anne, i can't belive how much he has grown now.. my word , it's true , they dont stay babies for long do they?
    The photo with his laugh .. so cute. I could hug him forever.
    And his lovely chubby legs. oooo just want to pinch them ( nice of cause) cant wait till kye starts laughing and smiling.

  4. Anne he is growing so fast, He will be 4 months old when mine is due, we have 8 weeks to wait on mothersday.
    my daughter had colic every night for a few hours , it breaks your heart because there is nothing you can do, hers stopped about 3 months when we started to give a little solids

  5. Anne he is just gorgeous couldn't yu just kiss those little cheeks, he looks so much older than 8 weeks
    Hugs Jacqui x

  6. OMG, Master Jack is getting so big and like always Adorable. Where's time going? Master Jack is in quite a hurry to get out there with the rest of them, huh! God Bless him and may you continue to fill his life with love. I know you are so proud.
    GB, Mima~


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