Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Another Award Thankyou Wendy

Hi all hope you had a brilliant christmas and Santa was good to you all

Just popped on to post a card and found this lovely award waiting for me off Wendy
Thankyou Wendy will come back to it in morning shattered at the moment

There are a few conditions not too Hard though

1... is to Link to the Blogger who gave you the Award Wendy

2... is to name 5 things i'm Addicted too

1. well it's more of a bad habit than an addiction guilty of being a smoker i'm afraid coming on 30 y'rs now could of been a multi-millionaire by now.

2. Crafting is an addiction for me especially with the amount of crafting stuff i have bought with the intention of using but never got round too it should be listed on the national health then again if they did patches would probably use them for tea bag folding lol

3. My computer always dabbling with something or other on it more on it than off

4. need my daily fix Chatting with the girls on the Crafters Companion forum there a great bunch of lasses

5. Chocolate not over indulgent but i do need a daily fix

3... is to Pass the Award too 5 Bloggers who inspire you

1 comment:

  1. Have to agree with number two .. love that idea,lol


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