Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Heffalump clock

is it me or does my blog look blacker than usual nope i haven't just cleaned my glasses so its not that lol ooh i've just picked up a new clock for my blog aint it cute ahhhhhhhhh you might say its Lumpy the Heffalump heres a bit of an insight or just a few of them on why i chose this one


  1. Anne you have gone all dark and mysterious again, Still it looks good and everything has changed side, I still liked the red one.
    At least it got me to take the chance and change mine, I had been looking at the yellow template since before I went on holidays , Just needed the bottle to try it, and everything worked out fine.
    I love your new clock by the way , Sooo cute

  2. Anne, your clock is gorgeous!!! When I find my Mojo I'll ask it if it's seen yours LOL.

  3. Wow look at your gorgeous new blog and clock ,looks brilliant ,Dawnxx


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