Monday, 28 April 2008

been having a play

hi its amazing how time flies when your on the pc i had started cleaning files getting rid of bits and pieces you seem to save for some reason knowing you'll not use them think you just go into automatic save mode or tell yourself it may be useful well i came across some digi files i'd saved and not even unzipped so ended up having to look and see what they were so one thing led to another and this was the result lol the digi page not the baby its my grandson enjoying a pack of mint chocolate aero bubbles i can see where this
can be addictive but noooooo im off to bed got to get up kids at school tomorrow

thanks for stopping by

1 comment:

  1. cute photo Anne, i love it when they are all messy after eating.
    Some of my fav photos of my kids are when they are covered in beans or ice cream, LOL


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