Friday, 14 March 2008

an A4 birthday card

hi what a week earache toothache just about every ache never had a flu like it got a cold sore now so hopefully its a sign its finally going to shift its been lingering for about six weeks well i finally got round to making an A4 first birthday card was asked if i could do a biggish 1 so this is it 1 used a sheet of A3 card scored so far a long so i could get the name going down the side its took twice as long trying to figure out what to put on the front all the wording was done in Inkscape and transferred to robomaster to be cut on the craft robo the fiddly bit was getting the peel off borders round the letters the backing paper is one of my favourites got it from a Disney craft magazine which ive never seen out again just hope she likes it now
thanks for popping by


  1. Great card Anne, I have been watching all your blog updates just not been commenting much, I'm planning on doing alot more typing than of late. Chat soon!

  2. Love this card Anne, I wish it was coming to me, I love pigglet
    Chat soon

  3. What an amazing card Anne, I would love to see it in real life - it must look stunning :)


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