Saturday, 26 January 2008

Open Heart

Hi as you can see i got the new Glitter Girls Board had to have a try of the open heart decided to make a mothers day card will do for my Daughter off my Grandson only thing is i cant decide wether to attach ribbon to the back to close it and put it in a small box or make a stand for it and put it in a long box suppose it could be attached to an A5 landscape card open or closed on a portrait one wouldn't be able too have too much embelishment layers inside on the portrat 1 or it would make it look too bulky when closed then again it would go on a Bookatrix oh well decissions decissions still plenty of time left to work it out Mothers Day is on the 2nd March this year how has it skipped that far forward hope there not planning on bringing Christmas forward aswell lol well thats all for now got to try the tall stories next thanks for popping by


  1. Who's been a busy girl then LOL, very nice card, must have a go with mine soon!

  2. I've nearly finished mine Anne and will post it on my blog tomorrow LOL, you inspired me to get going on it.


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