Friday, 28 December 2007

Toe Tapper

Hello Again popped on with the Toe Tapper i made for my Niece i love using these templates (made by Coppernob) just imagine being able to make your own shoes too match any outfit takes the fun out of buying them but from a crafting view its fun . Made the shoe first then i couldnt find the paper i was looking for thought id have to do a different one then i remembered seeing the brown backing papers on the New Crafters Companion Everyday cd so thought id use that the Insole is an offcut off the card in previous post its mainly embellished with peel offs and a Doh forgot the name of the die off the cuttlebug just have to call it a thingy till i think of the name of it lol just added a stick on pearl on top of the peel off on the front of shoe just to finish it off.


  1. Thats really nice Anne. Where can I get one of the Toe Tapper thingy's, I quite fancy giving it a try.

  2. Lovely card,i love cards with shoes on ,Dawnxx


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