Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Xmas Bookatrix

Hi all haven't been on for a while so heres my latest Bookatrix with box have been dreading this one was asked too do a card for my daughters friend for her mam i have just recently lost mine so wasnt sure if i'd be able too make the card
well i did it took me a while so just hope she likes it as really my heart wasn't in it found myself in tears while trying too cut the decoupage out


  1. What a lovely card Ann. There is no shame in crying a few tears for you Mum, I'm sure she knew you were thinking of her wherever she is.
    Hugs, Sally xxx

  2. Arrr Anne ,this is a beautiful card and a realy work of art ,your mum would be so proud of you making this card ,xxxxtake care hugs Dawnxx


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