Saturday, 20 October 2007

goodnight All

Well the days nearly over i must be off before i nod off
ive got two birthday cards to make will do that tomorrow with a bit luck
oh and i must make a start on my christmas cards not feeling in the christmas spirit at the moment just recently lost my Mam dont feel like celebrating
just getting back into making some cards it's taking longer than usual
hopefully my mojo will return

1 comment:

  1. Hi darling,Sorry i have not caught up with you yet, if it' ok i will give you a bell tomorow, missed ya

    You will get your mojo back that card you did for yvonne is gorgeous Anne

    i tell you what do, when you get back in the mood try these challenges,i'm loving them i'm learning while haveing fun rearly good i know you don't need to learn nothing about making cards but it is good fun !!

    I love the look of your page too very nice

    Right i'm off to watch some more tv just been watch the 100 most scary moments on c4

    love you lots xx lou


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